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New York-based jazz pianist Eishin Nose continues his affinity for the free form style of jazz on his third album, “Inside Out Dream” where he delves further into the free style genre painting a musical canvas of intricate lines and sophisticated grooves.

Somewhat of a free spirit in the jazz world, Nose’s bent for pure improvisational music is evident from the two brief pieces simply titled “Nobody’s in Particular” parts one and two, where perhaps only true aficionados of the genre will appreciate the unstructured sounds. This however, dose not define the entire work on this album for Nose does have a gift for composition and delivers several note worthy scores.


Accompanying Nose on this album are Eliot Zigmund on drums, Satoshi Takeishi on percussions and Dave Ambrosio on the bass—all of whom provide the musical landscape Nose uses to forge his music. Two very melodic and simply beautiful gentle tunes found here are the two Virgo pieces, “Here Is Virgo?” and the finale “Where Is Virgo?” where the pianists plays in a distinctly classical style accompanied by Zigmund’s graceful brush work and Ambrosio’s warm and disarming bass lines, clearly make these compositions the outstanding pillars of the album.


The title track, at a minute and a half in length, delivers a very brief glimpse of Nose’s improvisational bent, while the next piece, simply titled “Hope,” provides another shinning example of the pianist’s skills as a composer with a tasteful soothing piece of music. approach.


Perhaps the only departure from the basic theme of the album has to be the extremely brief “Chaser No Straight,” an inside out take on Thelonious Monk’s classic “Straight, No Chaser,” this one only clocks in at forty-four seconds. Yet brevity is not the norm on this effort as “Awamori Dance” and “Kaleidoscope,” both extend to nine and eight minutes respectively. While “Awamori Dance” explores more of the free form improvisational theme, “Kaleidoscope” contains a more traditional


One thing is for certain, pianist Eishin Nose is not content with performing traditional jazz preferring the freedom that improvisation brings and with “Inside Out Dream,” he continues his dream of expressing the depth of his feelings through creative, intricate and challenging music—all of which, he provides here and after all, isn’t that what jazz is all about?





Inside out dream

Eishin Nose NY Trio






1 In the forest

2 Here is Virgo?

3 Awamori Dance

4 When a frog tells you a story

5 Inside out dream

6 Hope

7 Nobody’s in Particular part 1, Dave-


8 Nobody’s in Particular part 2, Eliot-


9 Kaleidoscpoe

10 Chaser no straight

11 Where is Virgo?


Eliot Zigmund(ds) 2,6,7,8,11

SatoshiTakeishi (ds) 1,3,4,5,9,10

Dave Ambrosio(b)

Eishin Nose(p)

All Compositions by EishinNOSE

Free improvisations on #7 and 8


Recorded in May 28 and June 23, 2008

by Joe Marciano at System 2, Brooklyn.

Mixed in June 27, 2008

by Katsuhiko Naito at Avatar Studio, New York city







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